Package Thefts


Package thefts are one of the most talked about and common crimes in our neighborhoods. There are many ways to prevent or minimize thefts of your packages. Here are a few options. 

  1. Try to schedule the deliveries when you know someone will be home or when a trusted neighbor can grab the package for you. 
  2. Have the package delivered to a secure lockbox like Amazon pickup locations, or you can also have the package held at the carrier office with Fed Ex or UPS. 
  3. If possible, have packages delivered to your work or office if you have permission from your employer. 
  4. You can purchase a smart garage opener compatible with Amazon Key that allows the Amazon delivery driver to securely deliver your package inside your garage. 
  5. If these are not options and you must have a package delivered to your home, consider utilizing a large plant or other object that can keep a delivered package out of view of passersby. 


Most thefts are crimes of opportunity. If the thief cannot see it from the street, they will be less likely to approach. Try to add a note for the delivery driver advising them where to place the package upon delivery. 


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As always, cameras or video doorbells are great for identifying the people committing thefts after the fact. The videos can be shared with your neighbors and/or law enforcement to help identify them. No matter how small, it is important that thefts are reported. Ring doorbells and cameras are great tools. A more affordable option is Wyze brand cameras or video doorbells. These are available at or through Amazon in limited models. Both Ring and Wyze offer replacement of stolen doorbells with a police report.