The first step is to get to know your neighbors! Do you know your neighbors? The foundation of any successful neighborhood group is a good relationship. The people that live in your community are probably just as concerned as you are. Take the first step! You can start by simply smiling and waving when walking or driving by. 


The next step is to say “Hello” if you are comfortable. Introduce yourself and share what street you live on, and that you are interested in getting to know your neighbors. It only takes one person to start a chain reaction of building community. Everyone deserves to live and work in a place they feel safe. Building a Good Neighbor Network is the foundation of a connected neighborhood. As you meet neighbors, share your desire to build the Good Neighbor Network for your neighborhood and what you can do, with their help, to make the neighborhood better for everyone. 


Crime can happen anywhere from the inner-city streets to the expensive gated communities. It’s up to all of us to make Fresno safer. We are cognizant that some communities feel safe with police and others do not. Our desire is to stand in the gap and be a trust building liaison between the community and the police department. 


We will assist the community in education and communication with each other and various city agencies. Once you have established a group, no matter how small, representatives from Neighborhood Watch will give your group a presentation on how you can protect your community by working together. If you are comfortable with representation from the Police Department, we will invite them to the initial meeting. If you are not comfortable, we will work with your neighborhood until you feel comfortable to engage with a community service officer who is dedicated to crime prevention in your area. Meet our CSO Officers


If your neighborhood is not yet registered as an active group, or you would like to sign up for a group, please register on our website or contact your district officer directly depending on your comfort level. Technology provides you with many ways to communicate with your group while still maintaining privacy. This can include private social media groups, texting apps, email, and more. Find what works best for you and your group to communicate problems in your neighborhood.