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How much do home water filters cost?

Since our whole house water filtration systems are customized solutions, pricing may vary depending on several factors. Some of those factors include what’s in your water, the size of your home, what level of filtration you want, and your water consumption.

Our prices start at $800 for a basic sediment filter, and can go up to $17,000 for the most top-of-the-line systems for your whole house. Most systems are somewhere in between.

If you have questions about pricing, or you’d like to get a quote, contact us. We also have financing options available.

Who is a good fit for us?

Trying to decide if we’re a good fit for you? We know that getting a water filtration system can be expensive. That’s why we offer financing options to help. We also accept cash payments if you’d prefer not to pay monthly.

Monthly payments $50/ mo up to $250/mo financing


Financing our water filtration systems typically costs anywhere from $50 to $250 a month. To qualify for our financing plans, you must be able to prove you have consistent income. You can call for more information on our financing options.

What Customers of
Central California Eco Water Are Saying

The Ecowater system has been great. After using it the softener has helped keep everything cleaner and we feel much safer drinking the filtered water. When I go to other houses I can smell the chlorine in the water, but not at our house. The service is also excellent. Very nice and friendly folks. 
Christine Fong

Alex Goddard

Our Promise


All of our products are covered by the Advantage Warranty. Backed by a solid cash reserve, our standard warranty exceeds other companies’ best warranties.

Perfect 10 Warranty: This is an option warranty which extends the electronics equipment of your warranty to a total of 10 years. See your dealer for details.

Dare to Compare Assurance Guarantee

This guarantee gives you 30 days after purchase to find an equal or better performing system. If they can provide you with the same warranty protection package, meet our specifications as validated by the WQA, and offer the same 3rd party seals of approval, you’ll get your money back. It really is that simple.

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