Sue Kendall stands next to a neighborhood watch sign in a flower garden.


Since moving into the vibrant neighborhood in 2018, Sue Kendall has not just found a place to live but has become a driving force behind the sense of community that makes this area truly special.


Inspired by the beauty of her surroundings, Sue decided to take an active role in fostering connections among her neighbors. In 2018, she stepped up to the plate, taking over the Neighborhood Watch program from a resident who had relocated out of state. Under Sue’s leadership, the program has not only continued but has thrived.


Sue Kendall Neighborhood Watch Meeting 5/21/19 - a collage of snapshots from a meeting


Sue’s dedication to community building is evident in her role. From the outset, she embraced the responsibility with enthusiasm and a commitment to making the neighborhood a safer and more connected place to live. Her efforts have gone beyond the traditional scope of a watch program, evolving into a comprehensive community-building initiative. Her impact is most visible in the regular social events she hosts, creating opportunities for neighbors to come together, share stories, and form lasting friendships. Whether it’s a block party, a seasonal gathering, or a simple coffee morning, Sue ensures that everyone feels welcome and included.


In addition to fostering social bonds, Sue has been instrumental in maintaining open lines of communication regarding neighborhood safety. She keeps residents informed about safety alerts, local developments, and relevant updates through email and phone calls.


Sue Kendall Neighborhood watch 9/20/23 - a collage of snapshots at an outdoor neighborhood watch event


Sue’s leadership has transformed the Neighborhood Watch program into a collaborative effort, with a dedicated team of four captains working alongside her. Together, they exemplify the spirit of unity and cooperation that Sue envisioned when she first took on the role.


Sue Kendall is more than a resident; she’s a catalyst for positive change and connection within the neighborhood. Her leadership and unwavering commitment have elevated the community, making it a better place for everyone fortunate enough to call it home.