A Good Neighbor Network is a group of caring and concerned neighbors who are invested in the safety and maintenance of their neighborhood. The Network develops healthy communication among neighbors in various methods. Older neighbors are used to a phone call or visit, and younger generations are tech savvy. This presents challenges when only using one method to communicate. Consider your neighbors and their needs. Your neighborhood may need to utilize more than one way to communicate (visit, phone call, text, email or mobile app.) Perhaps younger neighbors can “adopt” an elder in their neighborhood to make sure they are aware of announcements or alerts. Building connections develops relationships that can form friendships. Through that process, neighbors will naturally look out for each other. 


Be mindful of things that look out of place and/or unfamiliar in your neighborhood. When you see a stranger, what do you ask yourself? Assess before you assume. Be mindful of bias. Be compassionate and fair. Pay attention long enough to determine whether they are a legitimate visitor/passerby or someone in suspicious behavior. Be part of a positive solution not the problem. Communicate these things with neighbors and call the Police if necessary. Learning low level strategies through Neighborhood Watch presentations and Block Captain workshops will help your neighborhood develop your own Good Neighbor Network.